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Baan Company

Corporate Overview 
SSA Global-Baan: The Company 

For more than 25 years, industrial enterprises with complex make, move and service requirements have relied on Baan to help them improve their business performance. Baan is focused on delivering industry-defining enterprise application solutions and services to manufacturers in the industrial machinery and equipment, electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense and other simple and complex discreet manufacturing and batch process industries. With its unrivalled domain expertise in targeted vertical industries, Baan makes it possible for customers to achieve lowest total cost of ownership and fastest time-to-value from their enterprise solutions. Baan has 6,500 customers worldwide and installations at more than 21,000 customer sites. http://www.baan.com. 
Baan is a wholly owned subsidiary of SSA Global™. SSA Global is a leading provider of extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing, services, and public organizations worldwide. In addition to core ERP applications, SSA Global offers a full range of integrated extended solutions including corporate performance management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and supplier relationship management. Headquartered in Chicago, SSA Global has 121 worldwide offices serving more than 16,000 customers that represent market-leading companies in over 90 countries. SSA Global is the new corporate brand for product lines and subsidiaries of SSA Global Technologies, Inc. http://www.ssaglobal.com. 

SSA Global-Baan: India Presence 
Baan is
rated as the Best Enterprise Application provider in India by Dataquest-IDC India's Customers Satisfaction Audit 2003 survey. 

With a customer base of more than 150 and a list spanning some of India's largest business as well as Small & Medium Businesses (SMB), SSA Global-Baan India is one of the leading enterprise solution providers in the Indian sub-continent. The customers include SMBs like Advantec Coils, Bharat Seats, Merino Panel, Munjal Auto, Precision Pipes, TEI Electronics, Vijai Electricals and large companies like Anand Group, Dabur, Fiat Auto Limited, Godrej & Boyce, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals, Indian Telephone Industries, Jubilant Organosys (formerly VAM Organics), Kirloskar Copeland, Larsen & Toubro, Sundaram Clayton, Tatas and Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Limited.

The company offers a range of solutions under the iBaan suite which comprise of iBaan ERP, iBaan Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions, iBaan Customer Relationship Management CRM solutions, iBaan Business Intelligence Suite, iBaan Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Solution, E-Commerce solutions etc. for manufacturing and logistics industries in the Indian Sub-continent (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal). 

SSA Global-Baan Solutions have been localized to suit the Indian business requirements taking care of complex laws relating to Excise, Sales Tax, and Income Tax etc. 

Sales, Marketing & Consulting 
With a strong Sales and Consulting team having rich business experience and based at Mumbai and Delhi, SSA Global- Baan's mission is to
"help customers move their businesses forward faster by delivering the right solution, implementing it quickly and making it pay"

SSA Global-Baan has three global support centers at US, Holland and India. TCenters are strategically located to provide ongoing 24/7/365 days support to the customer fraternity taking advantage of the different time zones, wherein a customer automatically gets hese Support linked to the time zone in operation. These support centers are committed to continuous improvement and expansion in the services and facilities available to their customers and partners. 

Support to Indian customers is available from SSA Global-Baan International Support center at SEEPZ Mumbai as well as SSA Global-Baan Global support center at Hyderabad. 

 SSA Global-Baan has a Development Center at Hyderabad spread over 20 acres of land with more than 400 people working on enhancing the available range of solution offerings and working on new products and another Development Center at Mumbai with about 100 people working on advanced projects like iBaan OpenWorld etc. 

iBaan Solutions Overview 

iBaan Enterprise:  

iBaan Enterprise is the proven solution for manufacturing operations in industrial enterprises. Key to enterprise solutions is iBaan Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) backbone application. Designed to meet the specific needs of companies that operate in automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics and industrial machinery, no other ERP system is used as widely to support manufacturing processes. Baan has embodied support for many key-manufacturing methodologies into iBaan Enterprise. 

The iBaanERP is a fully integrated business management software consisting of five main components- Baan Orgware (Dynamic Enterprise Modeling, Executive Information System, Target Implementation Methodology), Desktop Computing, The Internet, Technology & Applications. The applications include: Manufacturing, Distribution (Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management), Finance, Project, Transportation, Service and Baan Tools. 

iBaan for Supply Chain Management:  
iBaan for SCM is a solution that can place businesses in a better position to aoperational excellence. It is a solution built on Baan's in-depth understhe many roles and relationships in an enterprise and its supply chain. Operational excellence rests on a foundation of efficient, reliable, and timely information exchange throughout the extended enterprise. To help achieve this, iBaan for SCM leverages core Baan capabilities in the areas of integration, information, and collaboration. iBaan for SCM addresses a comprehensive range of business processes that can help achieve the goals of cost reduction and increased efficiency within the enterprise and throughout the supply chain. The different requirements and their solutions include -

Supply Chain Planning 

Baan SCS Designer: A Strategic Decision support tool. Baan SCS Designer models and optimizes the design and planning of global supply chain networks. Extensive user- friendly feature enable infrastructure design, facility location and sizing, resource allocation, transportation and inventory strategies, service level analysis and profitability/cost analysis studies.
Baan SCS Coordinator: A tactical manufacturing and distribution planning tool, Baan SCS coordinator optimize the tradeoffs among production, inventory and transportation over multiple time periods. 

Baan SCS Planner: An Operational Supply chain planning application, Baan SCS Planner generates supply plans across a network of materials suppliers, Manufacturing facilities, distribution center and customers. 

Baan SCS Order Promising: Baan SCS Order Promising (OP) provides operational planning as order acceptance application for customer service representative. OP is based on real-time checks of available-to-promise (ATP), capable-to-promise (CTP) and reserved stock for customer channels. 

Factory Planning 

Baan SCS Scheduler:
In the production plant, supply chains must shift to accommodate last minute changes and problems. Baan SCS Scheduler maximizes production profitability through changeover optimization, deployment of human and capital resources and adherence to fundamental processing rules. 

Logistics Planning 

Baan SCS BidPro:
Baan SCS BidPro is a strategic planning tool designed for shippers and third- party providers who must analyze and negotiate pricing bids from carriers. 

Baan SCS Trans Pro: Baan SCS Trans Pro spans strategic to operational transportation planning. It optimizes decisions such as mode/carrier selection, freight consolidation, pooled consolidation and cross-docking, continuous moves and backhauls and shipment scheduling. TransPro can provide fast, flexible costing for shipment, increasing the potential for cost saving and service improvements. 

Baan SCS Route Pro: The power of the Route Pro Suite is in its ability to strategically optimize and analyze transportation routes and transfer those solutions to an operational level. 

iBaan for Customer Relationship Management: 

iBaan for CRM helps customer-driven organizations stimulate customer satisfaction and improve profitability. With its end-to-end analytical capability, iBaan for CRM consolidates key customer information from multiple touch-points to provide an understanding of the "cost to serve" each customer or prospect. This can help a company gain insight into the true potential profitability of their customers and focus efforts on the most profitable ones.

The following integrated components are part of iBaan for CRM- 

Marketing Plus:
It helps to design, manage and analyze multi-program marketing campaign directed at selected audience via a variety of media and channels. 

Sales Plus: Provides the tools that mobile sales representative need to better manage the business opportunity, account information and multiple sales channels. Their productivity increases through shorting of sales cycle and better close ratio.
Configuration Plus: Is the component that enables you to configure complex products and service offerings, generate quotations, proposals and build products to order. 

Customer Interaction: Is software-based solution which transforms a call center into nucleus of an enterprise- wise contact center, managing interactions across voice, Fax, Email and Web. 

iBaan for Product Life Cycle Management: 

iBaan for Product Lifecycle Management (iBaan for PLM) is a comprehensive, Internet-enabled solution that spans the complete lifecycle of a product. It acts as a highly effective tool that can help companies execute an enterprise strategy tseeks to effectively bring new products to market. 

iBaan Business Intelligence: 
The iBaan Business Intelligence Suite (iBaanBIS) helps deliver actionable information to management at all levels. Actionable information helps managers make the right decisions, close the gap between intent and execution, and create, increase and sustain that elusive quality: competitive advantage. 

iBaan OpenWorldX: 

iBaan OpenWorldX addresses two key challenges for global organizations: implementation and integration of enterprise business solutions. Why? 
Companies everywhere are under pressure to run at maximum operational efficiency. To achieve excellence, you must improve access to company information and automate processes wherever possible. Establish an internet presence and develop tighter business relationships. Trade in online cto increase responsiveness and reduce costs. And above all, you need to excel at fulfilling your customers. 

OpenWorldX is the technology framework that helps you meet these challenges 

To take your business forward faster, contact us at - 
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